Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Dear Congressman Chafftz:

I'm writing you about these articles about the DEA and strip clubs.
and then - http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/nyc-crime/dea-agents-illegally-ran-new-jersey-strip-club-prosecutors-article-1.2229169

I'd also like to introduce myself if I might.  My name is Jody Williams and I'm the founder of not only Sex Workers Anonymous, but the very modern day movement to have sex trafficking recognized so that victims may receive PROPER assistance.

I say "proper" in this manner - trafficking in the USA today is not the same as it is in China, Thailand, India, etc.  Nor is "trafficking" the same as prostitution as many people in the major media are trying to cram down our throats today.  I don't know where you are on the page here on this subject - so please forgive me if I start at the beginning to make sure we are on the same page.

I've attached an article I wrote recently about the movement I founded to have trafficking victims, and their needs recognized.  I've also attached my resume to give you an idea how long I've been in this movement.

Because in modern day America sex trafficking involves men like these DEA agents for one thing.  They own strip clubs and then suddenly voila!  These women are entertaining at a Columbia drug cartel party.

Now I ask you this - what happens when they decide they want to leave?  Don't you think men like this might be a tad "worried" what these women might talk about knowing or to who?

This is why once we did obtain federal recognition that trafficking was in fact real after punching it out with the media, the public, and the government for 20 years - that there was an immediate major media backlash to try and create more "disinformation" about what modern day domestic sex trafficking is as well as what these victims need in order to truly leave and escape trafficking.

Women like those in that club can't go to some homeless shelter for help to escape.  Even if they did, some DEA agent, or his buddies, flash a badge and they're found in one minute.  Then guess what?  Another guy with a badge shows up and says "I need to speak to her" and then she's gone.

This is why I knew I couldn't go to places like this when I was running from men who I'd witnessed involved in trafficking in "my day" that were police, CIA, FBI, etc.  I knew I wouldn't be safe.  As it was in my case, I'd already had two dead people in connection with people trying to silence me for fear of what I'd say back then.  Barely escaping with my life - that's why I formed a group to reach out and help others to escape, Sex Workers Anonymous.

Because all over the country - I was hearing about women who had been desperate enough to run to the nearest homeless or domestic violence shelter, or even drug program - where this guy with a badge had shown up asking for them never to be heard from again.  The staff at these shelters would tell me they'd ask "what happened to her?" only to be told "classified" when in reality she's just been cut up and thrown out in the desert or off the pier - or better yet sold for snuff films or her organs sold so at least the traffickers could pick up a few extra bucks. 

Only let me explain something to you very few people want to hear about things like organ harvesting from those dead hookers - this isn't done in some hotel room with butter knifes like the movies make you think is what happens.  Organ harvesting is done with sophisticated machines and technology that requires a trained doctor to know how to do, and specialized equipment to perform these procedures, and a lot of paperwork to get the organs transplanted.  Snuff films are also not cheap to produce nor to get viewed.  So those movies aren't aired in back alleys - but in very "high class" board and bedrooms of very wealthy people.   In other words - it's not what you'd led to believe in movies it is or who is doing these things. 

There are only pretty much two programs I'm aware of in this country that can safely help this type of victim disappear when a trafficker with a badge is going to be looking for them (or a trafficker who can hire a man with a badge).  Which is why since 2007 when we got that federal recognition and I gave a press conference about this you can read about on www.hightechmadam.com - I challenge you to find any major media  about either Sex Workers Anonymous, or Children of the Night, www.childrenofthenight.org written since 2007. 

If you do find some - I'd venture it's been "faked". Like this wonderful piece of "disinformation" - http://www.thefix.com/content/addicted-to-prostitution-60072?page=all  This article claims to have me living in Los Angeles in 1996 supposedly bringing male prostitutes chicken soup to their homes and asking them to write out "john" lists for "amends".  What a crock!

I can show you other reporters who have been fired just for trying to write about us, while I have a long list of many others who will tell you they were threatened with their jobs if they tried to write even a word about us.  The few who did write about us were not only fired - but some even threatened physically.  Bob Herbert of the NY Times was threatened by ex-mob mayor Oscar Goodman with a "baseball bat to the head if he ever sets foot back in Las Vegas" after writing about me and the subject of SWA.  

To show you how far this goes - I'd like to point you to Relativity Media.  Not only did they film the show we helped to get pulled off the air "8 Minutes", but they also currently film a series inside the Orange County, CA jail, along with the series "Intervention" and "Catfish".  They also filmed the series "Gigolos" and were connected to the brief episode that aired on Bravo with Annie Lobert from Hookers for Jesus.

"Catfish" is a show where it's exposed that people are not who they pretend to be online - and that people are sometimes even engaged to profiles who don't even exist.  "Gigolo's" was a fantasy show dubbed "reality" about a bunch straight male escorts in Las Vegas.  The jail show has cameras going in and out of jail  in Orange County, CA - even into cells marked as "isolation".  The show "Intervention" is showing people trying to confront addicts to convince them to enter into treatment.

All of these may seem "disconnected" until you realize Tom Forman produced all of them and that A&E, Bravo, Showtime, and NBC are all connected to Disney, ABC and Hearst Media.  The series "Intervention" also explains how a fake article about me popped up supposedly being this woman running meetings in Los Angeles in 1996 in an addiction related magazine.  The fact he also produces "catfish" could explain how the knowledge to fake someone entirely is there
Oh don't get me wrong - there was a woman sayings she was "Jody Williams" and holding "Sex Workers Anonymous" meetings in Los Angeles at that time.  She even had a website up, and she was applying for grants.  Grants for $300,000 to open up a "drop in" center in Pasadena, California that when I had a friend of mine at Impact House in Pasadena go by and check it out - only to find a vacant building.  I reported the use of my name for this $300,000 grant to the police - only to read everyone else on her board had been arrested but the woman pretending to be me who turned out to be "Anne Bissell" or "Juliette Chandler" (I don't know what her real name is actually - but those are two she goes by online.)  Since everyone was arrested but her - kind of tells me she must have "turned" on the others on her board to get immunity.

This wasn't the last time I had dealings with Pasadena, California either.  Right now I'm trying to help some victims leave this trafficking ring that spans this country, into others like Russia and China, etc.  The heads of one of these "under" rings as I call them reside in Pasadena, California.  I call them "under" rings - because the Triad, Yakuza, Mexican Cartel, Bloods, Crips, and other "minority" gangs now have the Aryan gangs connected with the bikers "overseeing" them is the way the structure has been explained to me exists now that the old Italian mobs are no longer in control like they used to be.  Not since Juliani came after the mob to break it up.

When I met with this victim in Pasadena who begged me to help her - she told me of how she had fake arrests posted on her criminal record.  Then she explained she couldn't leave because they would just post more fake charges on her record,and get her deported to China where they would then get her executed by the state.  They had evidently drugged her and then posed her in porn along with her almost identical looking sister.  Back in China, "incest porn" is met with a death penalty - and she's been threatened with these pictures if they deport her if she tries to leave this operation.

We hired her an attorney to help who ordered her booking tape of these arrests.   He was then threatened by another attorney and resigned from the case.  When I went back to speak to her - I then got threatened by the same attorney.  When that didn't stop me I got threatened by a Pasadena police officer.  His chief ignored me so I went to the city and district attorney who ignored me.  I went to the CA US Attorney who ignored me.  When I pushed on her - she announced she'd running for Senate, i.e., bailed.

When I went back to city council - they were missing $6,000,000 and a little busy.  I went to Internal Affairs - who said the files were being burned over the city council's objection and even the mayor.   When a judge pushed for an audit of the station which cost $190,000 - it was done by the Veritas Assurance Group.  Only the only information I can find on them is they sell legal insurance plans on a LinkedIn page.  https://www.linkedin.com/company/2214511?trk=tyah&trkInfo=clickedVertical%3Acompany%2Cidx%3A1-1-1%2CtarId%3A1432699743387%2Ctas%3Averitas%20assurance  No insurance number on that site either I'd like to add.  No staff listing, no idea how long they've been in business, etc.  The report was done by Ron Sanchez (the chief is Phillip Sanchez), but Michael Beck, the city manager, tells me they're "not related".  http://www.pasadenastarnews.com/government-and-politics/20150313/pasadena-police-detective-tactics-criticized-for-nearly-crossing-line-of-legality-new-audit-says

Since this report claims that things like detectives bragging they can "fake a homicide" if they wanted to an be fixed by getting more "funding and training" you can see why I'd like to speak to the people working on this audit of the Pasadena Police - especially with all that's going on right now.  http://www.pasadenastarnews.com/general-news/20140702/tape-pasadena-homicide-detective-bragged-about-framing-suspects-lying-to-get-conviction

Now if you think these strippers out of that club in NJ might have a hard time being believed if they'd tried to get help before this arrest - you can imagine how hard of a time our woman, I'm going to call her "Music" is having with her traffickers.  Being that they've faked her a complete criminal history, drugged her and staged her in "fake" incest porn, threatened her and her son,  threatened us, monitor every phone call and every interaction with modern technology, threaten people trying to help her like us using cops, attorney's, and private investigators taking tips right out of a "CoinintelPro" handbook trying to get me to "back off" while trying to discredit me so no one will listen to her situation - then you can see how we felt it was also necessary to film what she'd dealing with so we could get not just her help, but the many many women who are a part of this ring that are being trafficked all over this country right now - and worse.

But when I organized a film crew to come out and help me do a "real" documentary about what "really" is happening in the USA today with respect to sex trafficking - our crew was all chased off the project.

Why?  Can't let what we're filming upset what was being filmed to come out on "8 Minutes" that bore no connection at all to the reality of the sex industry today that's billed as "reality" TV. 

Why? To make real victims sound crazy when they step forward no different than they do when people see lights in the sky and the media tries to say it's "weather balloons" or "flares".  But it goes farther than just simple "disinformation" when I'm having whole stories about our group and myself impersonated and faked by large corporations which all seem to keep coming up under the mantle of Hearst Media.

I mean honestly - if the women at that strip club in NJ were to come forward before this arrest hit the news and say that they "worked in a club owned by DEA agents" and  had been "forced onto a plane to Columbia" where they were further forced to "dance and entertain Columbian drug dealers and the Columbian police were told to hold their guns while the DEA cavorted around with prostitutes" - tell me how much they'd be believed?

Let's examine the word "forced" for a minute too.  Let's say you're a stripper working at that strip club.  Let's say you walked in there on your own and you made a decision to work there.  I'm sure they don't post on the door as you walk in a sign saying "owned by DEA agents".  So you find out after you're hired - that they do in fact own that club.  These guys now have a copy of your ID, and they know where you live.  They know where your kids go to school.   They know where your mother lives.  Then these come to you and "ask" you if you'd like to "go to Columbia to dance for some cartel dealers".  Anyone would probably think "hell no I don't want to go" - but would you say "no?"  Would you really be standing there in front of two DEA agents and say to them "no I don't want to go" knowing that they know where you live, your real name, where your kids go to school, etc.  Then think about telling them you want to quit?  So in these guys' minds - "oh no I didn't force anyone - I didn't put a gun to anyone's head" but that's not how it works is it?

I remember watching an interview with Henry Hill about how they fixed that infamous college basketball game.  He laughed saying "I didn't threaten anyone - I just asked the guy 'I don't how one would play basketball with a broken arm'" as he winked to the camera.   So are you going to tell me that wasn't a threat either against that player?  The problem with sex trafficking is that it's rarely done with a gun standing over someone. 

Then ask yourself - where would these women go for help where these agents, scared of what these women might say, couldn't follow them?   Now take one step further - imagine that it's 1984 when people didn't even believe this kind of thing existed AT ALL  - and now you have an idea what I've been dealing with in the 1970's, 1980's - and why I formed our group to help these types of victims.

The problem with laying down with dogs is that you get fleas.  One who tends to protect the secrets of the sex industry, and the traffickers connected to it - also tend to be "patrons" or "johns" or "hobbyists" or "clients" or whatever word you want to use.  http://jezebel.com/these-sexts-cost-former-hearst-exec-scott-sassa-his-car-471590787  Then if you do something that dog doesn't like - well you just get bit and replaced with someone who will. 

Which is what happened to Steve Sassa - a man who used to be in control of Hearst Media. Or even what happened with the case of the "Chinese prostitutes" and Glaxo Pharmaceuticals -  http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsbysector/pharmaceuticalsandchemicals/10183798/GSKs-treatment-in-China-will-be-a-warning-to-others.html  But these are only what has broken in the news!  Imagine the other stories we don't know about!

I saw an interview with Ronald Kessler recently however that explained why all of us, not just those who are sex workers or their customers, need to be concerned about any of this.  Because the problem here is that it's not about "sex" - it's about security.  To think that this is about "sex" is like thinking that "rape" is about "sex" because both appear to be "sex" on the surface - but in reality things are much more complex. 

Ronald explained that secret service agents were letting in prostitutes into the White House completely "off the books" where they could be carrying a bomb, anthrax, who knows.  They could leave "mikes" behind or worse.  They're let into back rooms without even being checked with metal detectors for that matter first - let alone any background checks done on them to see what their political ties, or even criminal history is first before giving them this kind of delicate access to the very inner workings and people of our government.   Who knows if they're "customers" are forced into giving campaign contributions even to cloud where they're coming from.

It's not the "independent" prostitutes I'm worried about - but those who are being controlled or trafficked.  The problem is that these "clients" don't know how to tell the difference.  I mean look at Steve Sassa - he said he "didn't think she had a pimp because she was found on a high class escort site".  So what?  What about the Google executive murdered by a woman he found on "Sugar Babies". Women on there argue they aren't even "prostitutes" because they're paid by the month instead of the hour.  Come on - denial isn't just a river in Egypt here folks. 

Many are arguing that "legalization" is the answer.  However, I've seen "legalization" up close in my work with Nevada's legal brothels and I assure you this makes it even WORSE.  This requires a licensing process that will prevent people like these victims from EVER getting any job outside of that industry ever.  Imagine someone allowing a woman to become an attorney, a doctor, get a seat on Wall Street, or even work around small children for that matter if her background check turns up "prostitute".  Even now if one catches HIV while "on the job" there is no workers compensation, disability, or vocational rehabilitation for that "worker".  Plus if anyone remembers what Joe Conforte was like - trust me a lot depends upon who is the owner of that brothel.  Or did anyone forget the scene in the "Godfather" where a hooker was murdered to set up a politician was referring to Joe Conforte?

Which is why men  today who see prostitutes are subject to blackmail.  Look at Steve Sassa.  We also don't really know what secrets were leaked, nor what stock market manipulations were going on behind Glaxo Pharmaceuticals (or Google for that matter) either during this time http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsbysector/pharmaceuticalsandchemicals/10183798/GSKs-treatment-in-China-will-be-a-warning-to-others.html

We have no idea what Steve for example was being asked to do in reality that when he balked at it - they got him fired. How do I know if it wasn't to approve the funding of this "8 Minutes" which was "catfishing" America about sex trafficking is?

People are voting on Bills right now and also there's open lawsuits going on right now about Backpage - don't tell me this show didn't have an impact on what people think.   http://www.oregonlive.com/portland/index.ssf/2015/01/city_of_portland_san_francisco.html  Shows like this are why people are sequestered during murder trials so as "not to taint" the jury!  http://articles.latimes.com/2012/jul/30/nation/la-na-nn-backpage-washington-lawsuits-20120729

If anything, his firing was a message to others that you don't want to risk going against these people and what they want or they'll do to you what they did to him, or did to Eliot Spitzer when they leaked a tape of him to the media, or even to Donald Banks recently who I believe is the victim of a "reverse blackmail" sting.  http://www.thesmokinggun.com/documents/crime/gay-porn-star-extortion-case-897653

I think part of the reason Sony got hacked was to send a message.  http://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2015/02/sony-hacking-seth-rogen-evan-goldberg   The hacking was done at a time when we'd put together our own resources to film our own documentary about what "really" is going on out there with the sex trafficking in this country.  I was talking to many reporters and producers at NBC about not filming this bogus stuff - but in fact helping us air the "real" stuff.  I even found an editor who had worked at Sony for 12 years, and knew many of the executives there, to help us get this documentary made and aired - before the hacking. 

When suddenly they couldn't even get theaters to air a Seth Rogan and James Franco comedy - what do you think they thought of their chances of airing something about Chinese espionage and biker gangs and Aryan police officers and the Bush family's connection with trafficking went over?

They got their spanking and everyone at NBC shut the door on us after that also. I will tell you another reason why these traffickers don't want us having any access to major media as well as why they want to be totally in control which they were showing they are with this Sony hacking - and that's about blackmail.

They want to show they're the ones who get to say who is blackmailed and who isn't.  As an example - if anyone were to have said that Donald Banks was seeing male prostitutes, and even maybe seeing underage male prostitutes - he could have slapped them with an injunction and a defamation lawsuit.  However, by telling him that the police would arrest this person, and by promising to "keep his name out of the lawsuit" - he believed them.

Then his name was "leaked" to the press and there's nothing he can do about what's now "public record".  The blackmail threat was sent via text message which could have been sent from any google phone which can be "spoofed" to appear to come from any phone the sender wants to make it appear came from - which again is what they did with Steve and many other victims I've been speaking to in connection with this ring.

Because I'll tell you what effect this case had upon the mind of the average "john" after not just the Sony hacking - but also Donald's case being leaked to the media and  that's for the future victims of this type of blackmail  to pay the money and keep your mouth shut.  I ought to know because I am not only two classes away from my BA degree in psychology, but I've been studying brainwashing, and the human mind with respect to the sex industry since I was a teenager and I'm 54 year old now.

This message was a loud and clear to pay the money and keep your mouth shut when extorted that was sent when the police told Donald "don't worry we know what we're doing" and the blackmailers I'm sure warned him not to go to the police!

Traffickers now are like wolves in sheep's clothing.  This is why the windows district in Amsterdam said it was shutting it down in 2007 - not because of the prostitution but because of the "trafficking" in connection to it.  http://globalnews.ca/news/540131/amsterdam-turns-out-the-red-lights-in-famed-district/ 

These criminals are only appearing to be using prostitutes to lure wealthy and powerful men into the web that's become so dangerous that the UK government has already started warning their people, and many wealthy and powerful business owners about some of these scams - unlike what we're doing in this country because the media is wanting to throw out outdated images of the sex industry instead of current ones so as to keep feeding new victims into the system.  http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/northamerica/usa/11351232/Malaysian-businessman-bribed-dozens-of-US-Navy-officers-with-prostitutes-and-suckling-pigs.html  We also have a very hard time talking about sex in general in this country - look at the recent story of Josh Duggar as one good example of that!

Men who think they're just getting a "good time" based on images in the media about what the sex industry "used" to be - are instead winding up in a tar patch they don't know how to get out of nor know where to go for help.  This is why honestly I'm getting more calls from the "customers" each year also. Men who thought they were "just going to a strip club" or "just going for a quick blow job" - only to find their lives suddenly turned upside down.

Take Rick Rizzolo was just one example I can speak about because it's in the news.  http://www.reviewjournal.com/news/former-topless-club-owner-rick-rizzolo-indicted-tax-evasion-charges  He would drug his customers at the Crazy Horse strip club with enough GHB to knock out 10 men, max out their credit cards, and then put them into cabs home.

The cab drivers were all also owned by another strip club owner so the drivers would know the drill.  Not only not take them to a hospital because of how they were acting while drugged - but also to be sure NOT to bring them to me.  Those who would bring a victim to me - was fired.  How did they know?  GPS and cameras in the cabs.  Then they would tell the drivers they could see everywhere the cab was going and everything going on inside the cab. http://www.reviewjournal.com/news/las-vegas/limo-ceo-aides-plead-guilty-las-vegas-racketeering-conspiracy So for years we used to get cab drivers who would help a woman in trouble by taking her right to our door - only to have a local strip club owner buy the cab company, tell the drivers there was a "new sheriff in town" and if they "wanted their jobs they wouldn't even so much as speak Jody's name to a prostitute in their cab". 

When the customer would complain to the club the next day - they were ignored.  When they went to Chief Gillespie - he ignored them before he stepped down on corruption charges.  https://nevadastatepersonnelwatch.wordpress.com/2012/11/24/fifteen-members-of-las-vegas-sheriff-douglas-gillespies-organization-have-been-served-with-a-federal-complaint/ 

When they went to the DA - they were met with David Shubert, who died last year from drugs.  That was pointless as he would do whatever his drug source would tell him to do.  If they asked for tapes from the cabs - they were told the tapes had been "destroyed". http://www.reviewjournal.com/news/crime-courts/death-troubles-piled-ex-prosecutor-Schubert

Internal Affairs?  There was none until after I complained for so many years about a lack of one - they put a typist, Karen Hughes, in charge of vice, the sex trafficking task force, and also on the board for Internal Affairs.  Trust me - anyone who even asks about us to help them is told that "Jody is just crazy" so they don't think to come talk to me about what's going on. Those who do anyway are then told by Karen that I'm "just crazy" and to discount me.  Not realizing that I'm not just "me" - but a group comprised of 1,000's of members over 30 years all over the world.  I'm just the one who interfaces with the public so the rest can maintain their "anonymity" and not be attacked.

Is this really just about some money and prostitution?  Not when it escalates to murder or involves murder.  Buffalo Jim used to operate a wrestling school across the street from the Crazy Horse club that Rizzolo ran.  When things would get crazy and these strippers would just want out of there - they'd literally run across to his school where they'd physically be safe because of being guarded by the wrestlers.  I'd get a call and we'd get the women out of state actually to safety because Rick had a lot of powerful "friends".  He supposedly bought information from an Orange County police officer while incarcerated.  The day after Rick was released from prison - a death threat was left on Jim's car.  The next day Jim was found dead in a hotel room.

The videotape showed a hooker with him checking into that room.  However, I know he may very well have been asked to get that woman that room and to come sit with her while I was called.  After his death - there were protests in the streets about the case - but no toxicology report would be released.  His daughter suspecting a "rat" also snuck into the coroners' office and found the report which said Jim had enough GHB in his system to kill 10 men.  The news just broadcast that "drugs" were found in his system.  No case was ever opened to investigate his death.

The officials also had to spread the rumors I was "crazy" to cover up fresh information I was getting in the Jessie Foster case.  They had to do something because I kept getting new members coming into our program telling me new things about her death, and her pimp they suspected murdered her along with other escorts and even a madam who went missing in connection with him also.  When I had fresh information from incoming members about her murder, and others in the ring, I would go to the police to investigate what I was being told.  Only they're ignore me.   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Disappearance_of_Jessie_Foster

So I'd go to the task force when it was someone other than Karen - and was ignored.  Then I'd go to the FBI where then I'd get threatened with a 5150 and having my kid taken away.  So I went to Jessie's mother.  So they had to convince her I was just "crazy" to make sure she wouldn't listen to the fact I had fresh information in the case that no one was following up on. 

Why?  Because if Peter Todd, her pimp, gets arrested - then he lets out all kinds of secrets no one wants released about what else is going on out here in the sex industry.

So Mr. Chaffetz - I understand you were responsible for bringing this story to light about the DEA agents because you didn't view this as just some "harmless sex party".  Not when Columbian police are handed guns from our agents to hold - no it's not "harmless".   Especially when this is only the "version" we were given.  Thank you.  It helps me get my message across easier when we talk about "trafficking" today is not just some African American male sitting in a Cadillac wearing a fedora and sporting a cane.  That's an archaic stereotype that is different than what I define as a "trafficker".

There is also a difference between "prostitution" and also "sex trafficking".  Just as a farmer is different than a victim of human trafficking forced to work on a farm - or any trafficking victim in any industry.   I've also always said the only way we're ever going to be able to get these people arrested is to "decriminalize" the industry so that victims are not treated as "criminals" by our legal system where witnesses are then considered "accomplices".

I appreciate any work you did to get this story out because it helps me explain what we're really dealing with today in Sex Workers Anonymous.  Now - if I can just get the media to help us tell these men, women and transgenders, about our program, and groups like Children of the Night, for those under 18 years of age, who can protect and help rehabilitate them, then that be even more of an accomplishment.

But I can't seem to get our name into any major media since 2007 - nor even invited to any congressional hearings because everyone seems very bent on the idea of portraying "victims of trafficking" by showing images of street prostitution.

What a great way for the traffickers to be hiding plain sight" isn't it?  I mean why else spend all that money to create a completely "staged" show like the did with "8 Minutes" using images of street prostitutes they called "victims of trafficking" and even using the National Trafficking Hotline number after Polaris had even asked them not to use their number in connection to the show - while chasing off our film crew from doing a shoot of what "real" trafficking in Los Angeles looks like where the victims aren't threatened by men like Bishop Don Juan - but instead attorney's, police officers, politicians, and even DEA agents.

Then of course up comes the smoke screen about how we need to put more money into homeless shelters or other programs that have no such consideration for the fact the criminals these victims are running from today in the USA are bikers and men with badges for which the "typical" shelters, program, treatment centers, etc. are not equipped to deal with situations where even "witness protection" isn't safe.   That's what needs to be recognized if we're going to help true victims of "trafficking", again not sex workers, but victims of trafficking, in this country.

Mr. Chaffetz - we've had it finally come out in the news that there's been "fake" survivors like Somaly Mam, http://www.thenation.com/article/180132/sex-trafficking-lies-money-lessons-somaly-mam-scandal  and Ben Hillier (who the film "Taken" was based upon) - but a lot of people aren't asking "why?" nor why only since 2007 have these fakes hit our media and lecture circuits and awards tables. http://www.tbd.com/articles/2011/01/bill-hillar-inspiration-for-film-taken-arrested-by-fbi-47382.html

The show "8 Minutes" also shows that we now have "fake" groups and outreaches even - something I've been also yelling about since 2007 only to have people just respond with "oh she's crazy" so they don't have to look at the facts.  People aren't asking "why did Kevin Brown and Greg Reese lie?" in connection with this show.  Nor are they asking "where did the money go?" that was being donated by people who also thought it was "real". 

When I ask these questions - people just say "oh Jody you're crazy" rather than answer the questions.  I'm used to that as I got some of my early support when I left the industry from a holocaust support group.  They warned me about "Moishe" - the man who tried to warn people not to get on the trains.  I was also warned about Kurt Gerstein - the man who also tried to warn people that Jews, and others, were being mass exterminated using his crystals to gas them to death in a process that sometimes too people two days to die.  They also would say he was "crazy" so they could discount him rather than listen and respond.

Kevin Brown and this so called "outreach" are not unique.  Because I've also been calling around many of these groups across the country that I have been seeing shown on TV, in documentaries, in the news, etc. - only to find out they're entirely "fake" as well as the "fake" survivors" and the fake outreach as well as even "fake" prostitutes now.  Just like people told Moishe he was crazy when he would tell people "there are no jobs if you get on those trains" - so too have I been hearing I'm "crazy" when I tell people I'm calling one "fake" program after another that I've seen on TV.  The same for "fake" survivors".  Because "8 Minutes" also hired women to "act" as victims on that show. 

Again why? One reason is because they don't want the truth about the industry, or what "real" victims, are dealing with today.  Now I'm not saying they don't use "real" sex workers from time to time.  But to me - to put on Gordon Ramsey, a well paid very famous chef, and ask him to speak about what a person who is being "trafficked" into the restaurant industry experiences - guess what?  He's going to deny that even exists because someone like him doesn't see something like that.  So all in all - it's very clever use of propaganda to try and help people form opinions by asking the Gordon Ramsey equivalent of the sex industry about sex trafficking - because of course they're going to deny any knowledge of such things.  Doesn't mean it doesn't exist - just means he doesn't see it is all. 

Which they're getting advice from the best now - believe me in just how to do such type of deception.  http://www.democracynow.org/2015/5/7/robert_jay_lifton_author_of_the  Robert Jay Lifton has come forward now taking about the kind of "advice" that our CIA has been receiving from experts in the mind for purposes on how to control people's minds.   Here Mr. Lifton speaks about how our CIA receiving this training for "torture" purposes - but believe me there was more to this than just that.  The series "Lie to Me" was also based on a man who has consulted with our government on how the mind works.

If you watch the show Derren Brown did on how he can convince someone to even admit to a murder they never actually committed, as well how he convinced someone to pick up a gun and shoot someone - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-P2vYIgPdKg and then re-watch the "8 Minutes" show trying to convince us that a "prostitute" is a "trafficking victim"  - you might have a whole new perspective on this show that tries to convince the viewer that in watching these women who are "prostitutes" walk into that hotel room while repeating the word "victim victim victim" at least 10 times I counted in the opening five minutes of the show - you might have a different perspective on what I mean by "they're brainwashing us in the media" after watching Derren's program.

Because what's happening right now Mr. Chaffetz is very powerful people are trying to convince America that trafficking and prostitution are the same for many reasons.  They're not.  Nor is the sex industry as "harmless" either - especially now that we have other countries like China using it as a means of robbing this country blind, and also for espionage.

Because "trafficking" against isn't street prostitution.  Nor does espionage take place with street prostitutes either.  I invite you to check out this article.  http://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/chinese-professors-among-six-defendants-charged-economic-espionage-and-theft-trade-secrets  I'd like you to know these men were also dealing with students and professors in colleges like USC.  I'd also like to add that Brandy Britton was a university professor before she was found hung in her home after a prostitution arrest.

Brandy Britton was the prostitute that David Vitter was seeing while she as working under Jeane Palfrey, the woman dubbed the DC Madam by the media when she was arrested. 
Jeane could have just taken a plea bargain when she was arrested - but she didn't.  Probably for why she was arrested.  Every "single white female" madam that's hit the news when arrested - including myself - has been approached by men within our own government to literally "sell" women.  I don't mean by the hour as a prostitute - but I mean "sell" outright never to be heard from again.  When we've each refused - we've been arrested - then the major media hits to glamourize our lives -and then a "successor" is flushed out to take our place.  In my day they did this to flush out Heidi Fleiss.  After Heidi, Kristin Davis, was flushed out. http://www.salon.com/2008/05/05/dc_madam_2/

Only now with the internet - the days of the "old school madam" are gone.  We've been replaced with sites like "Backpage" for those "independent" of the trafficking rings.  So now you have an idea why when the show "8 Minutes" was staged -  they made it appear that the calls were coming from "Backpage".  The media has been going after sites such as Backpage, Myredbook, etc. all under the "smoke screen" that they're doing this to "fight trafficking".

Only trafficking isn't on those sites.  Not in the sense I'm talking about.  Is there prostitution?  Of course.  Is there pimping?  Absolutely.  But are those sites being used for the organized crime network that trafficks men, women, children, and transgenders in the manner in which I'm speaking?  Not go near it because those are the sites they're attacking to get control of the ones that don't belong to their organization.

Let me show you how they used to try and gain control of the "independents" using a badge by talking about Chris Butler.  http://willibys-corruptjustice.blogspot.com/2011/05/history-of-drug-dealing-cops-part-iii.html  Chris was a retired cop who became a private investigator (identical by the way to Kevin Brown and Greg Reese featured with the "8 Minutes" situation).

Chris then opened up his own prostitution ring - where he would then bang on other prostitutes' doors demanding they either "give him his cut or else".  Since all he had to do was make one phone call and an officer would be there with a packet of drugs to arrest them - his job was pretty easy up until he finally got brought down.  Only people get smarter and hidden cameras get smaller - so one can't do things like he did now can they if the ring itself is to continue to vye for control.

So the "independents" or the part-timers, or the dabblers, or mom's who turn a trick or two to feed the kids - advertise on sites like Backpage or myredbook.

That's where the "independents" are advertising.   So what we're witnessing right now Mr. Chaffetz is a turf war - where the traffickers are trying to take over the "rogues" and "independents" ug our very own government, legal system and even major media.   Not unlike when Rudolph Guiliani used our government to take down the old Italian mob - so now we have the gangs who  have risen up to take over power.

Only now they have retired cops showing up banging on their doors handing over the National Trafficking Hotline number.  Know why?  They tell them "that's what you're going to get if you try and call for help".  They deny the groups that really can help them - and if anyone has a camera running - they get to say "I was doing outreach" to cover their ass.  That's what's going on in the "anti-trafficking" field and why even sex workers are criticizing the "rescue industry" that's clearly not rescuing anyone BECAUSE THAT'S NOT WHAT THEIR GOAL IS.

Not when the Aryan Lynwood Viking gang has a pretty good grip on our police force right now.  To see how good of a grip - you might want to read up on the Paul Tanaka case. He was able to "lose" the witness against him in the jail for three whole days. http://ktla.com/2013/05/16/witness-protection-lost-track-of-2-terror-suspects/

When the FBI agent demanded he be returned - two more cops went to her home to threaten her.  The only person who got in trouble in that case was the cop who smuggled the "lost" witness a cell phone to call for help.  So everything is a little "topsy turvy" in my view right now Mr. Chaffetz.

And I need a way to help victims like those at that strip club who I might be able to get to now because of this arrest hitting the news.  Now if I can figure out a way to help this woman who begged me for help in Pasadena - we'll have accomplished something.  It's really been hard now that I'm not just fighting cops - but now major media!  Urgh!


Jody Williams
(702) 468-4529

(copyright 2015 J. Williams - All Rights Reserved)

Sunday, May 24, 2015


Phone meeting went great today.  If you'd like to go to a meeting - but can't get to one physically - we have phone meetings every Sunday.  Get in touch if you'd like the codes to come join. 

Friday, August 29, 2014

Contact information for us - www.sexworkersanonymous.com
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Email - sexworkrecovery@yahoo.com

We also have four phone meetings a week now for those who can't get to local meetings in their towns.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


I want you to put yourself for a moment into the head of a sex trafficking victim.  If you could get to a phone and call 911 and get help you would right?  

So what is the difference between calling 911 which we're taught from practically birth (I've seen two year olds call 911 when mom had a heart attack) which you can even call on speed dial on some cell phones - and the National Trafficking Hotline put together by Polaris?

Well if you don't speak English - that would be one good reason.  So let's say you're one of these Asian trafficking victims brought in from China to work at their chain of massage parlors across the country.   These women mostly speak only Mandarin.  They are put to work in the brothels as part of their work visa to enter the country  -so literally as long as they're working at a legal US company they have the right to be in this country.  They are photographed in pornographic poses with members of their family like sisters or brothers.  These photos are kept as "collateral" should they decide to get out of their contract - or go to law enforcement.  Law enforcement can then send them home by deporting them.  Then the traffickers can show these photos to the Chinese government - and they will receive the death penalty because over there incest is met with such a punishment.  Has there been a case of this done?  Yes - the families even get the bullet sent to them that was put through their relative's head as a souvenir.  

But at least if you are a trafficking victim and you speak Mandarin you can call the National Trafficking Hotline and speak to someone in Mandarin.  

How would you know to call them instead of 911?  The billboards that I've seen are in English.  I don't know if they advertise in Chinese newspapers.  I don't know because I can't read Mandarin to find out.  

But for the sake of this discussion - let's stick with English.  I would tend to think that someone would call the National Trafficking Hotline instead of 911 for reasons like this:

http://therealpornwikileaks.com/police-brutality-towards-sex-workers-video/  This article shows how prostitutes are routinely brutalized by police.  No one believes them and I know of no case where a prostitute has won a police brutality case against a police officer in this country yet.  

http://therealpornwikileaks.com/undercover-police-dishonest-sex-workers-hamilton-advocate-says/   The problem here about them lying to gain access to the sex worker is that any evidence found that would be something you could prosecute the trafficker over - would then be inadmissible in court if it were argued that entrance was obtained through deception.   You would totally validate the prosecution of the trafficker by lying.  So I'm not sure the logic here they had by lying to get access.  But it's not unusual - every prostitute, stripper, etc. that I've spoken to has said that the cops lie.  I know when I was arrested once for prostitution I told the officer "there's been a mistake" and I was leaving the house when he stopped me and arrested me anyway.  At least the case was dropped - but he did lie.  

 http://www.blogtalkradio.com/stopsextrafficktalk/2014/06/25/security-guards-speaks-about-sex-trafficking  Here's an eye witness speaking out about how the pimps are sometimes the police themselves - or the pimps are paying off the cops.  

http://www.vice.com/read/in-arizona-project-rose-is-arresting-sex-workers-to-save-them  Here we have a case of a man who is frequenting the very prostitutes he's supposed to be "saving" er arresting.  Is he really out there then on the streets "rescuing" prostitutes - or is he merely arresting his girl's "competition"?  

In the Chris Butler case - he would not only arrest his "competition" to "his" girls - http://pursuitwire.com/2012/02/from-private-investigator-to-drug-dealer-and-brothel-owner-how-christ-butler-killed-his-career-video/  but he would also threaten his girls with what would happen to them if they tried to leave or to "rat" him out to other police.  He was only arrested when one of his male investigators leaked information to the authorities.  He had to leak it because he was even afraid for his life.  Can you imagine how scared the prostitutes were?

We all know Eliot was the governor of NY when he was arrested for seeing a prostitute - http://www.nytimes.com/2008/03/10/nyregion/10cnd-spitzer.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0  But a lot of people fail to remember when he was the NY District Attorney going after the arrest of both prostitutes and traffickers.  I'd be willing to bet none of the cases he investigated were the service he himself was using.  So wouldn't that mean he was investigating the "competitors" of the ring he used?  Wouldn't that have made him part of the trafficking ring at one time?  

Why is no one talking about this?  He made his apology to all of us (except Ashley and Kristin whose lives will never be the same after this) - but no one seemed to take notice that if he was arrested the competitors of his escort service provider then that would make him part of the trafficking ring then wouldn't it?  You'd say "no one forced" those escorts he saw to service him - but if he's the DA would you say no to him?   Where's the line drawn about "force"?

I do know that if one of the escorts in the agency he was using did feel they were being trafficked - would they have gotten a full prosecution of that pimp if they'd gone to him as the DA knowing the investigation might compromise him?  Interesting question to me no one seems to be asking.

But tell me - could any of these women call anyone in law enforcement knowing that law enforcement has been raping, beating, arresting, lying, pimping, etc. them?  

Which explains why they would not call 911 - but instead call the National Trafficking Hotline right?

Then why is it that in every city that I've been checking into lately - why is it that the heads of these "task forces" is law enforcement?  Or at least law enforcement is on the task force?  

Sex Workers Anonymous runs the only hotline for adult trafficking victims I'm aware of that is not connected with law enforcement.  We have a survivor answering the phones.  We do not report the calls to 911 - unless there is a child involved or there is a threat to harm oneself or another which is required by law.  

We can't pay $30,000 for a bill board.  But then again our experience has been that victims aren't allowed to write down numbers to trafficking hotlines while they're in the car - so I'm not sure we're losing anything there.  

So while there are calls that should go to the National Trafficking Hotline - aren't there calls where the victims don't feel they can call there for help because of the connection with law enforcement?  Shouldn't our number therefore be run right alongside of theirs if we're going to help ALL victims - and not just certain ones who are lucky enough not to have law enforcement be involved with their pimps?  Or where the pimp has made them do something so awful they're afraid to call the police?

I say that because I know some pimps will make them commit a murder so they're afraid to call the police and wind up being arrested themselves. 

Then who do they call?  Us.  

So how do we get our number out to these victims so they can call someone for help?

You tell me.



On June 19, 2014, I submitted a link to Shelley Lubben about a woman who had been found dismembered in a lake. Instead of asking us if we knew anything about this woman personally, instead of reaching out to her family, instead of seeing if anyone else on the porn shoot might be in danger - Shelley Lubben responded by putting the link up on her website, crediting someone else for submitting it to her on June 20th entirely, and then she solicits people to "buy her CD". Wow - profiting off the death of a porn star. Sounds just like a pimp does it? In Sex Workers Anonymous we recognized that just like how AA has their "dry drunk" or someone who acts just like a drunk without drinking - there are people who can act just like a "whore" or "pimp" without being in the sex industry. It eventually leads to relapse. Which based on her blond hair, excessive makeup and her husband having just lost his job - I would not be surprised if this one walks the same road I saw Linda Lovelace walk. The porn industry used her up too for their fund raisers - and once she started actually needing some help back for her kidney transplant they kicked her to the curb literally. Just as I understand other groups are starting to distance themselves from her now that she's showing some signs of needing help as well. When are people like Shelley going to realize that these "armchair Christians" are only going to accept you while you're raising money for them - not at their dinner tables or into their real lives. We are the only ones who understand "us". Shelley you need a meeting because flushing the pills down your toilet is what addicts do instead of going to a meeting. It last what three days? You said yourself that you'd "sit around talking about God and using meth" with your current husband - honey you've just switched to booze and pills. You both need help. Please get to a meeting. They have NA meetings online if you can't get to one in Bakersfield. Then again - this might just be a ruse to get some porn company to pay her a lot of money to "come back out of retirement" like they did Linda Lovelace. I've seen it all before folks. This whole Christian thing could just be to get your address contact and then when she does her "coming out of retirement porn video" then she gets paid more money than she would if she'd just stayed in the biz where young girls do rule the internet. If she cared about these women for "real" - then she would have asked us what we know about the woman, reached out to the family, or checked to see if anyone else on the shoot is in danger LIKE WE DID. www.sexworkersanonymous.net


There seems to be a lot of misunderstandings about what our group does and who our members are. Let me try and clarify. We do not believe that everyone who is in the sex industry now needs to join our group anymore than Alcoholics Anonymous goes out trying to tell everyone in the world to quit drinking. They do not try and bring back prohibition. They do not condemn people who do drink. They do not believe people who drink are “bad people” nor do they believe everyone in the world has the disease of alcoholism.

Sex work is not a disease. Nor is sex trafficking. Sex Workers Anonymous is not on a crusade to drag everyone who is in the sex industry out of it nor are they trying to shame anyone who is in the sex industry. They are not trying to shut down strip clubs or the porn industry. We are not a branch of law enforcement trying to get traffickers and pimps arrested. Nor are we trying to make everyone who used to be in the sex industry or a trafficking victim join our group.

If you are happy in the sex industry – right on. If you are happy after you have quit the sex industry or been rescued without our group – double right on. Then we are not for you. If your group is out there working to help others to escape sex trafficking we are no more against you than we are the brothels. I say that because one of the guidelines of a 12 step group like ours is that we “have no opinion on outside issues”. Therefore we don't have any opinion on anyone in or outside of the sex industry.

Any opinions that the founder, or any member of SWA, speaks in public is either their personal opinion or the personal opinion of many individual members – but not that of SWA as a whole.

SWA is for two types of people – those who have trouble quitting the sex industry for any length of time and for those who find they need recovery after having done so. What that means is that some people who have quit the sex industry find they are suffering from “post prostitution syndrome” much in how an alcoholic can be a “dry drunk” after stopping drinking.

What does “post prostitution syndrome” look like? Here are some cases of people we have tried to reach out to over the years repeatedly to offer our help with this issue that have refused to take us up on our offer:

This woman actually owned a legitimate retail clothing store in Los Angeles that was nationally distributed. She's owned a pet boarding establishment and currently own a laundromat. There is no pimp and no pressing financial need to be doing these things she's doing. In Pahrump, Nevada where she lives - $9000 would pay her living expenses for a year. Her parrots alone could be a booming business. When she was in Celebrity Rehab, we tried many times to get through to Dr. Drew and the staff there to suggest she be taken to an SWA meeting. Her problem is clearly not just drugs and/or alcohol. She was not using drugs when I met her when she had first started befriending Alex, the Beverly Hills Madam. She has continued to associate with people in the business such as Dennis Hof who have no idea how to support anyone's clean time and recovery than try to fly. The man is loaded half of the time I try to speak to him on the phone or by email. I have been trying to extend outreach to Heidi since she was first arrested to no avail. This is exactly the warning predictions I gave her about what would happen to her if she did not work a program of recovery because of what I've seen happens to “us” otherwise.

Kristin Davis is another woman I tried to extend outreach to also when her arrest first hit the news. She not only insisted she was “completely out” of the sex industrywhen I reached out to her – but that she was now working with sex trafficking victims. She had even set up a sex trafficking rescue charity. I had told Kristin that unless she dealt with her own recovery issues – she not only would not be able to help anyone else stay out long term – but that she was also at risk of relapsing not just in prostitution but also back into a criminal lifestyle. I'm not saying she sold these drugs – but she would not have been able to have been set up in such a manner unless she was around the wrong people. http://newyork.cbslocal.com/2013/08/06/fbi-manhattan-madam-kristin-davis-charged-with-selling-prescription-painkillers/ One rarely gets arrested for such crimes if they are hanging around people who are clean, sober, and straight from sex work.

When I saw Jenna Jameson announce her retirement from doing porn at the AVN awards – the audience “boo'd” her. That's what I meant about how we do not receive support within the sex industry for our decision to quit. I was worried without that support that she might either relapse back into porn – or that she might damage her new marriage and new life because of “post-prostitution syndrome”. It makes keeping relationships very difficult. http://www.tmz.com/2013/04/07/jenna-jameson-arrested-battery/ PPS also tends to cause severe mood swings. Since Jenna quit – she's lost her marriage and her children, been arrested, and announced her return to the porn industry. Yet every letter and email we've tried to get through to Jenna to offer her help through the steps to find recovery from PPS have not been answered.

Males also suffer from “post-prostitution syndrome”. I spoke to Jason after his high-profile arrest as I do whenever I hear about one of “us” getting arrested. He insisted to me that he did “not have a drug problem” and that he was going to start being a “matchmaker” instead of a pimp. I warned him that this was like trying to be an addict who only drank beer on the weekends – that it would not work. http://www.nytimes.com/2011/09/14/nyregion/jason-itzler-self-described-king-pimp-drops-names-in-court.html?_r=1& This is what happened after he stopped speaking to me.

Is this just something that happens to those in porn and prostitution? I did a Jerry Springer show once with the Rev. Bishop Don Juan. He had opened a church doing outreach to pimps showing them that “God can heal anyone”. When appearing on this show, Bishop was wearing the typical pimp costume. I told him that this was very dangerous – that if one continued to “walk like a duck” eventually one might “quack like a duck”. He then pointed out two other men who belonged to his church in the audience who were also dressed like pimps. Bishop then told me that by dressing as a pimp it allowed the other pimps to “feel comfortable” talking to him so they could come to his church. I pointed out that he needed to show them the way to “a different life”.

On the way out of this talk show, he and I had to share a cab. While in the cab I heard him yelling quite abusively to a woman he identified as “one of his baby mama's”. Evidently he was behind in his child support. I then told Bishop that often those of us suffering from PPS would get themselves into financial “jams” so they could “justify” returning to the sex industry. He just kept assuring me that I had no idea what I was talking about and that he would never return to being a pimp again. http://www.chicagoreader.com/chicago/pimp-to-pastor/Content?oid=886285 This is a clipping about that church from 1994.

The Rev. has returned to being a pimp again and even served as the “pimp minister” at Ice T's wedding. If this is his choice – I have no opinion. But I do wonder what happened to the men who used to go to his church that he was leading out of being pimps. Pimp do more damage than just one prostitute if you think about it because they're usually pimping anywhere from one to five women at a time and do so throughout their lives until they die.

at the hard time the most infamous pimp of all had when he wanted to “retire” and “go straight” as outlined in the documentary Ice T did on Iceberg Slim. While he wrote quite beautifully about life on the streets – grasping life after the streets was very difficult for him to do.

The reason why I do not join the bandwagon that “women enter prostitution because of being forced by poverty” is that this is just not the case across the board. Yes women who are in poverty will prostitute. But does that mean that all women only prostitute because of poverty and that solving the poverty issue will eliminate prostitution?

Look at the case of Suzy Favor Hamilton. http://www.thesmokinggun.com/documents/suzy-favor-hamilton-136952 This woman is married, has a business, is healthy, and was famous and receiving millions of dollars per year in endorsements. Yet she risked all of it to fly to Vegas not to even work in a legal brothel but for an escort service that was illegal for $600 an hour. Do not tell me that poverty is the reason why women prostitute. Nor can you convince me it's “all rape” when someone leaves their husband to fly to Vegas to do it.

I am not bashing these people. I am not violating anyone's “anonymity” because it's no secret what I'm speaking about nor are they members of SWA for me to break any confidence. These are the cases of people who have refused any attempt of ours to offer them help with their post-prostitution syndrome that is not solved or healed simply by time, money, a job, marriage, or even living in a “safe house”.

These people do not need a “safe house” in order to find recovery either. This issue is much more complex than this. Which is why I'm still trying to invite the above people, and anyone else who may be wanting to quit, or suffering from post prostitution syndrome to reach out to us for help. I don't mean “me” - I mean “us”. SWA is a worldwide group with 1,000's of members. I only answer the phone and do the outreach.

Which is why when I stand by and watch huge amounts of attention being diverted by “fake” survivors like Mam Samoly who are on the fund raising trail for “safe houses” I say they are diverting the attention off the real issues and what's needed for real solutions.

While everyone is listening to these “fake” victims they aren't listening to our members. Our members who are saying they can't move on with their lives because a simple background check is revealing their past in prostitution to prospective employers. Now while I applaud Polaris for bringing about laws that will seal up the records of minors – I say what about the adults?

Why am I not being allowed on the same legislature floor as them while they are speaking about the child victims to ask “what about the adults”? What about the adults who can't find work because of their records?

What about the men and women trying to leave porn who can't because their photos are all over the internet and they can't get them down because of a model's release they signed when they were most of the time under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol, and they did not have the prior advice of an attorney or someone like myself who would warn them how these pictures will come back to haunt them.

If you have not eaten in three days and someone offers you $100 to take your picture – you are not thinking about your job hunting ten years down the road. Those releases were obtained most of the time when the model was either under the influence, or undue stress was upon them. While everyone is trying to pass these trafficking laws to throw the pimps into jail for a longer time than the law that is already in place allows for – what about the fact we need to change the laws about these model releases so that these men and women can move on with their lives after having done these photos?

If you can't get a job and you have kids to feed guess what most wind up doing? If we want to help these men and women to leave sex work – then we need to help them make the road easier for them to do this without hitting road blocks.

If we were to take ½ of the attention that's been drawn off this subject by people holding fund raisers where no one knows where the money is going – maybe the real true life survivors who are trying to tell us what they need for them to move on with their lives now can be heard. But people are so busy blocking me out of their groups because they “don't like me” that they aren't listening to who I'm speaking for. These people can't speak for themselves. I'm already out there – and can. Just because you don't “like me” or “agree with me” doesn't mean you shouldn't be listening to what I'm trying to say.

When I first came out here speaking about trafficking being real no one wanted to hear that either. If I had let people chase me into silence – this whole movement I highly doubt would even be here when I look back at the history and development of this movement. There's not one person in this movement that can't trace it back to first Andrea speaking out about trafficking still existing, and then Linda Lovelace speaking out about trafficking existing in American porn, and then myself speaking out to say trafficking existed in all areas of the sex industry domestically back in the 1980's. Andrea, Linda and myself had huge numbers of people trying to silence us back then.

We need to be heard and we need more than “safe houses”. I should know as I also run the first and largest hotline for adult victims that's answered by a survivor and not connected with law enforcement that's answered over 500,000 calls to date – five times more than Polaris has answered.

If you don't want to listen to me – then you aren't listening to “us”. Www.sexworkersanonymous.net

Bill 1576

Jody Williams, Director
Sex Workers Anonymous – www.sexworkersanonymous.net
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Ben Hueso (District 40)
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Mark Leno (District 11)
Holly Mitchell (District 26) 
Alex Padilla (District 20)

Re: Bill 1576

Dear Members of the California Legislature:

My name is Jody Williams. I'm the founder of the above three groups. I actually founded my first group, Prostitutes Anonymous in 1987. This is a 12 step group for men and women who need help to transition out of the sex industry and need help finding recovery after having been in this industry whether it was as a prostitute, porn star, stripper, phone sex worker, madam, pimp, or even a strip club owner (as one of our members was).

This group is worldwide, it includes members who are from both legal and illegal parts of the industry, trafficking victims and non-trafficking victims, and it's for people over the age of 18 years old. Our hotline was the first ever in existence – and we've answered over 500,000 calls before we stopped counting. That's five times more calls than Polaris has answered to date. I truly doubt for this reason that there's anyone out there besides Lois Lee from Children of the Night – that's spoken to more people in the sex industry than myself.

This group was the first to ever be a part of alternative sentencing for prostitutes, a diversion program for prostitutes, that became a part of the first residential program to help prostitutes get rehabilitated from the sex industry, and that was the resource that many of the HIV clinics would use to refer someone to when they were giving them the news that they were now not only HIV positive – but also now out of a job. Because of the internet's adult filters – we changed our name to Sex Workers Anonymous in 1995.

Because the number of trafficking victims in the sex industry has virtually exploded over the years because of the internet – we formed Trafficking and Prostitution Services in 2008 so that we could perform duties that we were having to do informally because they violated our “traditions” or ground rules that 12 step groups operate by. I was finding myself having to testify more and more in front of congressional and legislature hearings – which also violates our tradition of “not having an outside opinion” on issues which clearly many of us coming out of this industry do have. It's no different than when Bill Wilson, the founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, decided there needed to be a National Council on Alcoholism to help further research into proving that alcoholism was a disease and not a “moral deficiency” like previously thought about them.

Because of the way I've been seeing research into our industry, and it's related issues such as HIV and STD infections, as well as about trafficking – totally slanted according to who is funding the research, or who is using this research for their own political, financial or religious issues – I've also founded the American Trafficking Institute. Ever since the FCC has dropped it's requirement that anything published on-air, or in print, have an opposing opinion placed alongside any opinions about any issue – I've seen nothing but pure outright propaganda hit the public's ears since 1995 when that requirement was dropped from the media.

Since most major media is owned by the Hearst Corporation, whose last CEO turned out to be a purchaser of commercial sex (Steve Sassa was fired when it was discovered he was sexting a high-class escort) – and I have yet to see anything anywhere near the complete truth come out of the media since 1995 – we decided we're going to start examining research, education, and even groups that work in this area among ourselves and to print “out” opinions about these “research findings”. Another problem is the fact that the news and media have become something straight out of Orwell's “1984” in that I can literally find a news clipping about someone online one day – and then it's completely gone the next. This is why the ATI was formed.

I want to first of all state I am no longer working in any area of the sex industry. I have also been clean from all drugs since 1985. That includes alcohol, which is a drug, and any prescription medications such as anti-depressants. I state this because I want it to be known I have no vested interest in the sex industry – and that my mind is completely sober.

I also have no paid position within any industry, nor with the AHF, UCLA, or any other industry for that matter. I receive no grants and have no donors to answer to. I'm not out here trying to use this as a platform to raise donations for myself or any cause either. I am not a 501c3 nonprofit, nor am I working at any job anywhere for that matter because I'm recovering from a stroke and taking care of my daughter who has a brain tumor. So I'm not answering to anyone's tune with respect to money on this issue either. If anything, I'm writing this letter on my own time and my own dime – so this is my own personal opinion on this bill 1576.

There are issues and points about AB 1576 that are not being brought to your attention that I would like you to please consider. They are:

  1. The claim that “no case of HIV has been found connected to a porn set in 10 years:
    When HIV was being found in connection with porn shoots directly was when Dr. Sharon Mitchell used to be the central site where everyone in the porn industry used to go for testing right before a porn shoot. Everyone went to her for many years because she herself used to be in the porn industry. However, her clinic was shut down in 2004 – in other words 10 years ago.
    Since her clinic shut down – there has been no centralized testing facility that the majority of the porn industry, or that the sex industry as whole, has been frequenting for their health needs. The reason for this is simple – after the AIM Clinic was shut down, someone targeted their computer system and hacked into it. They then posted all the information on each person in their database online. That information included their “real” names, as well as their “porn” names. Their home addresses, their family information such as if they had children, their contact information, and information on their health issues.
    People in the porn industry are often targeted by religious fanatics no differently than people who work in the abortion industry find themselves in the same boat. Just as abortion doctors can find themselves targeted by these fanatics – the attacks go beyond “sticks and stones”. But they find themselves the victims of stalking, and even outright murder. Abortion doctors and porn stars are targeted by these religious fanatics – and not only are they threatened – but their very lives can be in danger if delicate information such as their real names, home addresses, and their health status were to not be carefully controlled and kept private.
    Afer the AIM Clinic was shut down, because of these religious fanatics – many people in the porn industry at that time left the Los Angeles area. In other words, many of the “old timers” left the southern California area in order to protect their safety. The reason was after these records were released they did start receiving threats to their lives, they found themselves and their family members being stalked, and many of them found that the major porn companies didn't want to hire them to work on shoots out of fear their companies would be also caught in the cross-fire of these stalkers.
    What happened then was a whole fresh new batch of people started entering the organized porn industry in the Los Angeles area. The HIV virus can take sometimes as long as 15 years before it reaches the point of incubation where it can be discovered through testing. It's highly unlikely that anyone in the porn industry has been doing this in the Los Angeles area longer than 10 years. The average porn actor/actress tends to only make movies for about a year.
    To make a claim that “in the last 10 years no one has been discovered catching HIV on a set” is a very misleading statement. First of all, someone coming into the industry is probably tested for HIV true. However, if they were to catch the virus on a set – this fact might not show up for over a decade – let alone during the average lifespan of a porn star's career.
    There's another problem with this statement. When the AIM Clinic used to catch an HIV outbreak that was connected with the porn industry – this was done more than 10 years ago as the clinic was shut down in 2004. Since then, everyone in this industry is not getting tested at one centralized location. So there is no “standardized” testing or one central database to pull records from. Different clinics may use different testing methods. We also don't know how many people are being tested under “fake” names so that their careers are not impacted and thus we would never know if they were or were not infected – let alone “how” they got infected. There's even home HIV kits right now where one can find out if they are or are not infected. At that point if one were to discover they were in fact infected – they might just retire from the industry without telling anyone the reason.
    The porn industry itself has changed dramatically over the years. Back in the 1970's when Linda Lovelace made “Deep Throat” - porn stars were usually kept within the porn industry. They did not usually go out and work as a prostitute either on the streets, in the brothels, or in the escort services. Neither did they tend to go out and work as strippers either. Strippers used to mostly just strip. Prostitutes used to just prostitute. Porn actors and actresses used to limit themselves to the porn industry.
    However, the industry has become quite multi-media as well as multi-tasking. The average sex worker today does make adult films, they travel to the legal brothels of Nevada and even Canada, and/or Australia, the UK, and even Rhode Island. They set up websites where they now find “clients” or “fans” or “hobbyists” who either fly in to meet with them – they hit the “circuit” where they are traveling from one city to the next usually weekly. What this means is that not only are they having sex with many more than the porn workers of years gone by – but they are doing it over a wider geographical area. They may make a movie in Los Angeles one month – and then spend the next year “traveling the circuit” all over the world.
    So to say that “no one has come down with a case of HIV they caught on a porn set in the last 10 years” would actually be impossible to detect – even if in fact every single porn actor/actress was in fact catching HIV at every single shoot. The reason is because of what I'm talking about above – the virus may take years to incubate to the point where it can be detected, the person can be traveling to another city the very next day after a shoot, they could be getting their test done in Los Angeles or Canada for all we know – it just would be literally impossible to detect something like this unless every person who ever made a porn were to not have sex with anyone for the incubation period, remain in Los Angeles during that time, and everyone were to agree to use the same testing site, and to publish the results so that we all would know if in fact infection did or did not in fact happen in connection with a porn shoot.

In other words, there's literally just no way to catch a moving target like this.

  1. Privacy Issues - Porn actor/actress results of STD and HIV testing require special handling for the above story I'm referencing over any other type of “job” such as bus drivers, or airplane pilots who are routinely drug tested for their line of work. Bus drivers and airplane pilots are not having their records sought out by hackers who are religious fanatics who then might start following their children to school or leaving bombs in their cars as “God's retribution” upon them. This bill has no special controls built in to the results to protect possibly the very lives of these performers if those results were to be hacked into again as has already happened. If the results were leaked, and if a porn performer were to be murdered as a direct result of this information being leaked out – then the state would actually become legally liable for that murder much as how DMV was responsible for the location and subsequent murder of an actress. They recognized this and changed the laws now to where a person can request to use a commercial mailing address rather than their home address because they recognized that actors are often stalked, and even murdered. However, no such recognition that porn performers who have already shown by history that they are not only attacked, murdered, raped, etc., but that their health records specifically will be attacked has been attached to this bill.
  2. Liability Issues - There's another issue of liability on the state if these tests are forced and then a “false negative” were to be found. If the performer were to receive a “negative” result that was in fact false, then to perform and infect another person, then discover they had in fact been positive but that the test failed – then who is liable for that infection transmission? To require these tests puts the state into a position of liability that they probably aren't prepared to take.
  3. What about “mainstream” movies where love and/or sex scenes are performed? Rock Hudson was one of the first people who we became aware of that had HIV. Rock was in many love scenes where he kissed actresses like Doris Day. While the infection risk through kissing is low – it's not impossible. Today's movies have some sex scenes in them where more bodily fluids are mixed than on some porn sets. This bill is just opening itself up for a discrimination lawsuit in that if they're made to conform to these requirements – but mainstream movies are not – then are we saying the welfare of “mainstream” performers is less important to us than porn stars?
  4. End results have to be considered – I was here in the 1980's when there was the push upon the porn industry to use condoms on the set. They tried making it part of the movies through using only “safe sex” scenes. What resulted was an epidemic of “amateur” porn for one thing. For another, it divided the adult industry even wider with respect to “soft” and “hard core” porn. Just like how prohibition drove up the cost of alcohol – so too did this drive up the price for porn that did not feature “safe sex”. This was when “gonzo” movies started coming out showing actresses being shot in the face with semen, and gang bang scenes where women became literally opaque with bodily fluids. Some even resorted to making beastiality films where no condoms were required at all. Back in the 1980's that was one thing. The media was bombarding people with messages about HIV and condoms back then. But you take the average 18-22 year old today, which is the average age of someone making porn, and you'll find that at least half of them have no idea about HIV, condoms, safe sex, etc. We don't have anywhere near the free testing sites we used to have either. Nor the amount of free condoms being given away like we used to find either. You push on the industry any further about this issue – then we're looking at not only a repeat of that – but we're also looking at creating a possible HIV pandemic now as a result.
  5. You also have to look at the knock to the economy this could create – supposedly 80 percent of the world's porn is produced right here in southern Los Angeles. One of the largest porn company's, Kink – has already threatened to go to Las Vegas if this bill gets passed. The porn industry employs a lot more people than just the performers and the owners. There are the cameramen, the editors, sound people, set production, make-up artists, hair stylists, printers, distributors, even the impact on the local strip clubs and website designers who could be losing business if the feature performers in this industry were to relocate for work purposes. What about the loss of sales tax alone if the point of sale of these videos goes outside of California? Has anyone done an economic impact study on this bill yet?

This bill is full of the potential for great economic damage to the state of California in many ways. It opens up the state itself not only for a loss of income through sales and income tax, but it also opens itself up for liability and discrimination lawsuits as well.

The intended desired result that is the intent of this bill will not be met if this bill is passed. There is no benefit to the welfare of the residents of California if this bill is passed.

It needs to be defeated.

If you'd like to speak to me about any of the above, or if I can speak to you about any other issues related to the sex industry – please keep me in mind. I do have some potential bills I'd like to discuss with you that I do think would benefit California – and that would literally save countless lives.


Jody Williams