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Sunday, May 1, 2016


This article shows confidentiality is now granted to those in 12 step groups such as for adults, for juveniles, or for family members.

However, this same level of confidentiality is not given to other member in activism or advocacy groups, or support groups such as Sex Workers Outreach Project or SWOP.  Nor with trafficking hotlines such as Polaris' National Trafficking Hotline.  If the National Trafficking Hotline receives a warrant or subpena - then they are obligated by law to respond - even if it means breaking a confidence.  The same goes for trafficking support groups such as Abeni in Orange County run by Meg, or Margaret, Munoz, who also runs the SWOP chapter out there in her area at the same time she's not only running both the trafficking group, and the sex workers' rights group, but also who is part of the OC Trafficking Task Force run by local law enforcement.

However, you are now given complete confidentiality by your sponsors in 12 step programs such as ours.


Dear Hazeldon:

As the country moves to start non-incarceration of non-violent offenders into treatment programs instead of jail – a problem has now arisen suddenly, and on a large scale.

When our program, originally called “Prostitutes Anonymous” was created, many didn’t know what to make out of us.  A problems shared by Narcotics Anonymous.

In AA, one knows the problem is alcohol.  However, the founders of NA felt they had a “disease” from which they must abstain from all forms of drugs, of which alcohol was but one form, in order to find recovery.   Jimmy Kinnon, their founder, hit a “bottom” at 15 years of sobriety in AA.  Therefore, he believed that mere abstinence was only the beginning for them.  He also believed there was such a thing as a “potential” addict – or one who hadn’t used yet.  Further, that this disease could substitute into many forms such as gambling, sex, eating disorders, etc.   Meaning not just abstinence from drugs was required – but that one with this disease must work a physical, mental and spiritual program to recover.

Now many people felt that NA was a “drug” program. Others felt it was the only program in the world where one could work on the “disease” in it’s pure and core form.    This split created programs such as Marijuana Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous, Meth Anonymous, etc. who wanted to focus on the drug. 

Then came our program in 1987.  It was clear our members had the related “jails, institutions and death” for our bottom any addict had.   It was also clear many of us couldn’t stop – whether we’d been arrested 50 times,  had our children taken away, been beaten, robbed, and even trafficked – once freed we’d return to sex work.   We saw this over and over again.

Yet “experts” didn’t know whether we were “addicted” to the program by itself, or whether this was because of drug addiction.  However, when 2/3 of our program was turning out to be men and women who were not using drugs – it became clear it was something else. 

But what?

For years, we had men in the sexual addiction field argue this was a form of sex addiction.  However, this didn’t explain our madams, our pimps, nor our strippers and webcam performers who were not having physical sex with their clients.   Like all “johns” as sex addicts often are, they wanted to believe we really “loved it” when the reality was sex work has no more to do with sex than rape has to do with sex.

When we started offering our program as an “alternative to sentencing”, we explained that many times that agent of “force” which was forcing them to be in sex work which was the same type of force the addict suffers when he’s committing a crime was the pimp on the surface.   We say that because we found you could take the pimp away from having control over them and they would soon return to sex work with either that same pimp, or any replacement they could find. The pimp served as their “excuse” just as the alcoholic could blame alcohol (I couldn’t help what I was doing because I was drunk.)

After spending years working with allowing  men such as Patrick Carnes, James Crossen of the National Council on Sexual Addiction & Compulsivity, and Roy K., the founder of Sexaholics Anonymous, and SA’s board, to talk to our members as we grew to the 1,000’s, and groups worldwide – they finally agreed with us this problem our members shared was not a form of sexual addiction in itself.  Now that doesn’t mean some aren’t sex addicts – just as you also find drug addicts in NA who are also sex addicts. But the fact remains it’s not true across the board.

Patrick Carnes has since retired, and James and Roy have passed away.   In the interim, the courts started registering men arrested for prostitution as “sex offenders”, now even “traffickers”.  But when these courts did this – they didn’t realize the computers didn’t make a distinction between a male being arrested for prostitution as a “customer” vs. women arrested as prostitutes as providers.   This means that now we’re finding women who are being arrested for solicitation are also being registered as sex offenders.

This new push to start releasing non-violent offenders out of jail into treatment is now going to create a huge problem – that of prostitutes then being allowed out early from jail on the provision they go into a halfway house just as the addicts do now.   However, those who are sex offenders can only go into certain houses.    Those houses then take in child molesters, rapists, and men who frequent prostitutes.  

Guess where the female prostitutes are soon going to find themselves being released from jail into for treatment and housing?  You got it – the same houses that hold the men who raped them, molested them as kids, and their “regulars”.   Currently, the only real training materials provided to probation officers, drug treatment providers, shelters, and halfway houses are those provided by the HHS Dept., who oversees the office of Trafficking in Persons who has only published materials on “trafficking victims”.

There is NO materials currently out there with respect to not only helping a sex worker to leave the sex industry when not being trafficked, but also neither anything for when they are not a drug addict or alcoholic.   Is this common?  Absolutely.   Look to Jeane Palfrey for example who was the DC Madam.  Alex Adams, the Beverly Hills Madam.  Belle Knox, Christy Mack, Traci Lords – all women who were involved in the sex industry but not trafficking victims, nor drug addicts. 

Now we have our “Recovery Guide” and other materials that we have published for our members.  We have self-published them because there wasn’t a huge number to be sold through a company like yours before. However, once these programs start coming together – that’s going to change and change quickly.   Something we’re not set up to do is mass sales of our Recovery Guide, meeting materials, step working guides, and other training materials.  For years we had offered a course for drug counselors through James Crossen’s work at Mission College – but then he became too ill to work and passed away recently. 

So I was wondering if we could talk?  This field is also undergoing a huge change due to “No Such Thing”.  This is a move in our country to put juvenile’s who would otherwise be arrested for prostitution into treatment instead.    Creating an overnight need for a 12 step version of our program for juveniles.  Hence we created Sexual Exploitation Anonymous which needs to get materials out across the country.    Again, being a bigger project than we have the ability to undertake so quickly. 

Thanks for listening and I was hoping we could talk more about this! 

Jody Williams
(702) 468-4529

Tuesday, April 26, 2016



Dear Leah:

I hope this email reaches you.  I want you to put your thinking cap back on to when you were in captivity yourself.  Now I ask you to look at your website here at and ask yourself if you’d reach out to that phone number and ask for help to escape from that person. 

Now take a look at the events you train at with these officers and ask yourself – how many victims in need of help now are going to be in your audience? 

Maybe you had a pimp who was a straight up criminal.  In that case, you’d call 911.  He’s a pimp and there’s laws and if you call the cops – he’s busted.  End of problem. 

However, you’re not other people.  In Phoenix, Officer Armendariz was on the trafficking task force.  If you read his story, you’ll see he was involved in a lot of corruption and he was found dead before he could testify about what he knew. 

No one believed us the police were involved in a sex trafficking operation spanning the whole country.  No one believed me I had cop threatening to “leave my body in the desert” if I didn’t stop helping women escape.  So a reporter arranged to do a “ride along” the day we knew a drop would happen.  

Two San Mateo officers were arrested – one was Greg Munks.  Greg Munks is on the San Mateo trafficking task force.

Las Vegas, and Los Angeles was even more dangerous being a Homeland Security officer was part of the trafficking operation.  An agent who was also part of Immigration. 

In Michigan we had a prosecutor trying to convince women they had no other options than to “play ball” with his balls or go to jail.

In Los Angeles, we even had cop raping women involved in prostitution.  Cops who spread rumors these women are “crazy” in other to protect themselves, and their jobs.

Cops who do more than just call us crazy as we saw with this man who murdered them.  Which makes what these cops did not look so bad

This has nothing to do with California in that we have cops pimping women in NY while the other cop won’t lift a finger to help them.

Nor Is trafficking just limited to being by cops in California or New Jersey.  They traffick women not only as prostitutes, but also as strippers also.

Sometimes we find a whole state is involved in covering up something so big that we can’t even get real victims help by going around the police, and the prosecutors, and maybe even to others in law enforcement such as Tennessee or Minnesota.  

I can assure you while this case was being pushed through on people – we couldn’t get one return phone call from anyone in the criminal justice system to help us with one single real victim because everyone was so busy covering up a case that brought them in over $10 million dollars, a lot of promotions and a lot of awards – until it fell apart.  Something by the way these people couldn’t pull off without loading up the deck with a lot of “experts” who wouldn’t know a real trafficking operation or victim if it bit them on the ear.

When Brenda Myers-Powell who was running our Chicago chapter of Prostitutes Anonymous (we’re now called Sex Workers Anonymous), was first offered a job with the Chicago police everyone around her was very happy for her.  We weren’t.  We were the only voice who told her that we don’t “affiliate” our work with law enforcement in the public eye for a few reasons that go beyond the fact it’s our “traditions” to not do so. 

THIS was why we asked her to step down from the job.   Because what these cops did was know that while Brenda was not depending upon a paycheck from Cook County government to pay her rent – that made her dangerous to them.  She would be able to suspect something was wrong, and not hesitate to report suspicious activity to the right people, IF the people she was hearing from was the VICTIMS and not other cops. 

Our hotline was around long before the Polaris National Trafficking Hotline which launched in 2002.  Any study or even common sense tells you most victims of trafficking don’t identify as victims of trafficking.  Meaning they’ll hear “call this number if you’re being trafficked” and most younger victims won’t even think that applies to them.  In fact ask most victims what they are and they’ll say out of their mouths “prostitutes”, “strippers”, or even “sex workers”.   Which is why the name of our program, and hotline, is what it is.  This way people needing help will go online and type if certain key words to find help. Words that aren’t usually “trafficking”. 

In fact if you go to Google and type in “help to leave prostitution” you’ll find ½ of the links on the first page lead back to our program, Sex Workers Anonymous.  

Now when victims of this are being trafficked by cops, prosecutors, even governors - and they aren’t identifying as “trafficking victims” or they know they’ll just be referred to a task force who may have on the task force the very person they’re having to escape – where does that leave them?  

Who do they call for help?  Even if their “johns” are cop, politicians, prosecutors, etc., like Eliot Spitzer who may even get violent when they try and leave like happened with Eliot Spitzer recently – who do they call they can trust is NOT connected to law enforcement, the media, etc., and whose hotline is answered by another person in recovery?


Leah, I had to make choices when I first started our work in 1984.  That’s when I put together the first safe house for adults which got me arrested you can read about at  That choice was do I want to do what you’re doing – or do I create a hotline and program where the victims who are too scared to go anywhere else, and who think they have nowhere to go for help – can call and get that help?

If I put my face all over the internet as you do – then I can’t pose as a cleaning lady to go into a massage parlor where the women are being locked inside, and open up the back door to let them run into the van we have waiting for them for this reason .

I also don’t want the focus on me – but on the men and women who come to us and on the program they can reach out to for help.  I don’t want “followers” to me like a fan club, so I don’t hold myself out there like some celebrity.    I want men and women to see THEIR future when they look to us for help – NOT MINE. 

I think its great what you’re doing.  I couldn’t make that choice because if I’d done what you’re doing back in the 1980’s – then you and I wouldn’t be having this conversation today.  Because we’re talking now because Kathleen Mitchell, who had been arrested yet again, wrote us for help from jail back in 1990.   We sent her our jail step study program which she worked on in there.  When she came out she asked me what to do.  I told her to “carry the message to others”.  So she took a Prostitutes Anonymous meeting into jail.  From there, the Dignity program was created which I hear still holds meetings weekly.  This is the program which Savannah came out of.  Even Beth Jacobs came through a program in Minnesota which had our meetings. 

But I don’t see anything anywhere on your social media about our hotline.  We’ve answered 500,000 calls to their 100,000.  We are there to help anyone for any reason who wants help to leave any part of the sex industry.  We also get more calls now from Arizona than any other city.  Calls I can’t refer to you for help because of your proximity to law enforcement if I wanted to because of what they tell me is going on there in Phoenix and what they’re afraid of. 

Please don’t forget about them.  Those who can’t call the National Trafficking Hotline.  Those who need what we offer in our 12 step program. 

I’m really glad you’re helping all these “normies” understand more about us.  But I need to get back to answering that hotline now.  Just wanted to ask you to please think about our hotline and that we’re the one they can call when they can’t call anyone else. 

Especially as we branch out.  We’ve gotten so many calls from mothers we now have SWAN and from juveniles to the point where we’re launched SEA.  Their links are below.  Just an FYI.

Jody William

Sunday, April 17, 2016


Interesting news now about addiction with respect to our program A 12 step group for those who want to exit and recover from the sex industry. The majority of our members have said they feel they have an "addiction" to it and can't give it up entirely or for the long term without working a program of recovery. If you'd like someone from our group to come onto your show and talk about this - just let me know. We also have a group for parents at and juveniles at Thanks!

Sunday, April 10, 2016

KATHLEEN MITCHELL - WELCOME TO 1984  I saw Kathleen Mitchell won an award for her work with the Dignity Program in Arizona.  Strange how history seems to be rewriting itself.  Any one see anything about "Prostitutes Anonymous" in that interview?


She didn't seem to have a problem talking about us here in 2000 -

Or here in 2010 -

Or here in "Somebody's Daughter" -


Kathleen Mitchell wrote us from the Durango Jail about 1988=9 asking for help to stop going in and out of jail.  We sent her our "jail step study program" to work her steps from jail for free I'd like to add.   When she got out we had no meeting in Phoenix so she asked what should she do.   I told her the easiest way to create a meeting would be to go back to the jail she'd just gotten out of and lead a panel like AA and NA does.  

About 1990-91 she did just that.  After about a year of this, she was approached by people so impressed with her work with OUR program, and her clearly being the result of that program, they offered to help her launch Dignity.  As you can see from above, she ran "Prostitutes Anonymous" meetings for over 20 years at Dignity.  I sent her free "Recovery Guides" when I could afford to, and she never bought any.  I have never received any of the money from the passing of the baskets, nor from the grant money she received as a result of working our program.  

We sent her newsletters for years, also free. They were given to the women who attended the Prostitutes Anonymous meetings because we'd get letters from them.  When I met Kathleen face-to-face in 2007 at the Las Vegas press conference we gave on how trafficking exists within legal brothels and legal sex industries, to release the report I'd helped Melissa Farley write base on our work getting women out of the legal brothels of Nevada, which no one else has been doing, I gave her another 20 "Recovery Guides" for free.  We have never received a donation, nor one book order from these groups either. 

Now I've been going to NA meetings since 1985.  Jimmy Kinnon founded NA.  I'm not discounting Kathleen's work anymore than I'm discounting I've been going to NA meetings also for 30 years.  But if I got an award for my work with addicts, and didn't even mention Jimmy, do you think that's honest?  I mean I wouldn't even be sitting in that NA meeting without what Jimmy did first being done.   

Norma Hotaling got clean in a jail.  True.  But she got clean in 1989.  When she got clean, she called our hotline, the only one in the country for us ever as far as adults goes to call for help when trafficked, or when they just want to get out, or to find recovery.  I sent her out literature and we talked.  She maintained her "anonymity" with most people as she should.  But I know SAGE was created through reading our starter kits and outreach manual I sent her, and talks with myself.  I know those early SAGE clients attended Prostitutes Anonymous meetings also because I mailed the formats over, and spoke to her clients on the phone.  I referred many a person to her meetings at SAGE until I started getting complaints from the clients which I believe now were from her health starting to bother her obviously.  

Now you can hate me all you want - but I am not the only person in this program.  That's clear because both Kathleen and Norma have benefited from our program.  That's clear because Brenda Myers-Powell has said in interviews she's a member of our program, and owes her recovery to us.  We have chapters all over the USA.  I've answered over 500,000 calls from us.  Right now I have 190,000 contacts in our database, and 60,000 subscribed to this blog.  I am not ALONE.  When someone fails to mention our name, or wants to attack me for whatever reason, that is no reason to take it out on the other members of this program.  

Attacking us is attacking the oldest, and largest, program of survivors in this country.  Survivors who want to remain "anonymous" and who don't want to go up and get awards and who want to "maintain their personal anonymity at the level of press, radio and films".  Many who are such victims of trafficking they have to live "underground" and "off the grid" so they're not going to step up and defend our program when it's disrespected in this manner.  

You got a problem with me? Take it out on me.  DON'T take it out on the wonderful brave members of this program who include Kathleen Mitchell.  You give her and Norma awards?  Then don't disrespect the other members of our program simply because they wish, or have to, remain "anonymous".  

Saturday, April 9, 2016


Do you know one of the reasons we're so different than any other program out there right now?  Do you know why we're not asked to speak at Homeland Security events on sex trafficking, or to teach classes through the Offices of Victim Services, nor speaking at panels for law enforcement, or workshops for the Bar Association, or the International Association of Attorney General's?  It's a fact that needs to be changed because if we don't take a real good look in the mirror we're not going to address this problem properly.

What are the "approved" classes teaching you about what "trafficking" and a "trafficker" is at the moment?  How they operate?  How they find their victims?  Who their victims are?  How to find a trafficker?  Let's break down what the typical training/education is right now coming out of the Office of Trafficking in Persons who by the way has no competition.  They are funding and approving and hiring the ONLY programs and resources out there.  They are approving the media even, the speakers, the teachers, the panels, even speakers at Congress.   Let's examine what they teach you:

The victim:  One victim really pushed down the American throat is Theresa Flores.  She is a blond woman was a teenager at the time.

Method of procurement:  She was lured out of her home off the internet and posed for a pornographic photo.  Then she was "blackmailed" by this man to work for him as a prostitute while she hid it from her family.

How he forced her:  His threat was the fear of exposure of the photo.

Escape:  Her solution to the situation was to move away where she then told her father.

These are the images they give you of the "traffickers":

Here's another photo of "traffickers" below.  Is this true?  Innocent until proven guilty but probably.  I'm having you note however most of the photos we get are that of lower income looking under educated people of color who once in a while are female.   The relationship is portrayed usually as the "typical" Pimps Up and Ho's Down type of Bishop Don Juan image of a trafficker, or a sanitized word for "pimp".

Now what do you do to escape a pimp the government is now trying to train us as the "one size fits all" type of pimp?  

They tell you call the cops.  Have them arrested.  You get therapy and live happily ever after being applauded as a "hero" and "survivor" like Theresa Flores right?

Okay let me show you the type of client we deal with a lot more than you might even realize.  I was a lot like this type of victim.  The "trafficker"?  

Eliot Spitzer.


How it that right?

He's a "john" if anything right?  

Not a trafficker!  


I propose he's a trafficker and I will explain why.  Not because "johns" should be called "traffickers" but because he is.  I would like to see him charged for it as Stuart Dunnings III is also.  I'll explain.

Eliot Spitzer was a NY prosecutor before being governor and then what he's doing now.  A prosecutor does what?  He decides who to prosecute.  Meaning he's in charge of the evidence and he decides who the state is going to prosecute.  He decides on plea deals also and who he's going to let slide.   Was he a deputy or the guy in charge?  Nope - the guy in charge.  From there he became the governor of NY before getting exposed.  

Wait - did I say "arrested"?  No.  I said "exposed".  Why wasn't he arrested at first?  

How are "johns" caught by every task force right now in the USA?  They send out a female decoy on a street corner and have guys stop their cars and ask "how much?"   

Another method is to set up an ad on Backpage of a fake prostitute, and then a guy calls up an asks "where at?"  I think that's it for what I've heard about how "johns" are arrested as far as how law enforcement is being trained in how to get traffickers by everyone other than our program.

How are "traffickers" arrested?  They ask the victim who trafficked them is one.  

Another  method is to follow the money of a sex worker and charge whoever receives money from them as a trafficker or pimp.  

A third is a witness like "I saw this guy taking money from her".   

This sting here sounds like a "john" arrest but they're calling them "traffickers" so I'm confused.  But the basic "ad on Backpage" seems to be operating here.  

The other method is to bust a website like when the shut own Myredbook or Rentboy.  

Now was Eliot Spitzer arrested as either a "john" or a "trafficker" when the news of Ashley Dupree broke?  No.  We only heard about that case because the media broke the story because of a wire tap.  

Why that method?  Well clearly someone wanted it leaked who knew he wouldn't be arrested any other way.

Follow my logic - if someone wanted to arrest Eliot would they have leaked the tape to the press?  

No.  They would have simply got hold of Kristin Davis, the madam, and had her call and say she had a "new girl" even hotter than Ashley and to set up the date.  Then he would have walked in, paid and then BAM - arrested.  

Didn't happen.  So whoever did this didn't want him arrested OR couldn't GET him arrested so settled for the exposure.  

What prompted the arrest?  Concern about trafficking?  Nope.  Wikipedia says:  

The investigation of Spitzer was reportedly initiated after North Fork Bank[2] reported suspicious transactions to the Treasury Department's Financial Crimes Enforcement Network as required by the Bank Secrecy Act, which was enhanced by Patriot Actprovisions, enacted to combat terrorist activity such as money-laundering.[3] Spitzer reportedly had at least seven liaisons with prostitutes from the agency over six months, and paid more than $15,000 for their services. Federal agents had him under surveillance twice in 2008. 


According to Newsday, Spitzer wanted to transfer more than $10,000 to a front company for the prostitution ring. However, he broke up the transactions into smaller slices due to federal law requiring the reporting of any transfer of $10,000 or more


In November 19, 2007, Republican operative Roger Stone sent a letter to the FBI saying that Spitzer "used the service of high-priced call girls" while in Florida. Stone provided detail saying that Spitzer wore calf-length black socks while performing the sex act.[

Now THEY were arrested.  Here's what one news article said:

When you meet Cecil Suwal, you’d never guess that the 27-year-old Harrison native was a felon. She’s pretty, well-spoken, and graduated summa cum laude from Fordham University; she plans to get a PhD. But she and her then-boyfriend, now husband, Mark Brener, 65, were both sent to prison for running the Emperors Club VIP, the escort service that brought down Eliot Spitzer.  Suwal pleaded guilty in 2009 to money laundering, conspiracy, and conspiring to promote prostitution and served six months in the Federal Correctional Institution in Danbury, Connecticut. (Brener was sentenced to 30 months.) “

So we have a pretty 27 year old college educated woman who almost has a PhD earned for one.  The other was a 65 year old man who were NOT sentenced for sex trafficking but for money laundering, conspiracy and promoting prostitution.  She got six months and he got 30 months.  


They got some months and this guy gets 30 years?  Did I or did I not read that this was a huge investigation, and these owners were connected to Israeli intelligence?   But this other guy gets 30 years?

That being said, let us begin with exhibit A–As it turns out the owner of the now-infamous Emperor’s VIP Club providing ‘services’ to Spitzer was operated by one Mark Michael Brener, an Israeli national who, when arrested, was in possession of two Israeli passports and a ton of cash. The connection between the state of Israel and the international trafficking of pornography, prostitution, and (if it can be believed) the sex slave business (that up until recently was legal in the Jewish state, provided the slave in question was not Jewish) is a well-founded fact. Gangsters from the ‘Russian Mafiya’ (which Jewish American writer Robert Friedman ‘outed’ as being not as much Russian as Jewish) have made Israel their home away from home in running their international operations and enjoy close ties with Israel’s intelligence service Mossad. In both his books ‘By Way Of Deception’ and ‘The Other Side of Deception’ former Israeli intelligence officer Victor Ostrovsky details how one of Mossad’s primary functions was (is) entrapping important persons involved in politics, business, media and whatnot into compromising and embarrassing positions so as to make them more ‘pliable’ to the demands of the Jewish state. 

The fact that the Emperor’s Club was operating on an international basis indicates that more than likely it was connected with powerful forces (re, the intelligence services of a foreign country) that could offer it protection and cover. In short, the ‘escort service’ most likely served a dual role as a blackmailing operation for America’s power elite, and given the fact that Spitzer is Jewish and that it was an ‘Israeli shop’ indicates he thought he was safe.
I agree this was some form of blackmail or political manipulation.  Eliot was governor and someone either wanted him to do something he refused to do, or they wanted him out of the way.  We don't need to assassinate men now to replace like was done with John Kennedy.  No today we have tapes that can be leaked and then they get removed from office peacefully.  We don't need madams now to tell us who their customers are and to set guys up.  We have technology and intelligence groups now who can do that using a man's weakness for sex as their tool of the trade to get what they want.

 Again, if it was otherwise, Eliot would have been set up in a sting as a "john" NOT have the tape leaked to the press as what happened.  Notice it says "Eliot thought he was safe because he was Jewish with a Jewish shop".  

Which confirms my point.  When you run around arresting men for picking up prostitutes who appear to be alone in bars, street corners, and advertising online - you force them to seek out situations with "madams" that give them an "assurance" they will not be caught.  Eliot was not seeing Ashley Depree was an "independent sex worker", but because he knew she was someone who was "controlled" and he thought could be "silenced".  Yes, Eliot used the Emperors Club believing that Ashley was someone who could be controlled and silenced, i.e., a "trafficking victim" to use modern phrases.



Now did Eliot stop arresting all pimps and prostitutes while he was in office as prosecutor?  I'm sure he made some arrests.  But he would have made sure it was not anyone connected to the service he used in order to protect himself.  Which means he actually then became an "enforcer" for the service - which then made him a part of the operation itself.   If the service went out and hired someone to make sure their competitors got arrested and they didn't - that's them operating their business.

When Eliot arrested competitors for them essentially, although not hired outright, he was still paid.  Maybe not with cash, but with the currency of "protection" as his payment.  That means he's working for the traffickers, i.e., one of them.  

Which I propose is WHY the couple was not charged as traffickers, but instead for "promoting prostitution".  Because had they been charged as traffickers, then Eliot would have had to have been charged himself as a trafficker.

Meaning that when this couple went down as "promoting prostitution" rather than "trafficking", I propose he was protecting them even then by virtue of this protection from harsher charges.  Meaning he's still part of their operation and therefore a trafficker in my opinion.

What he did was not have sex in his personal bedroom.  What he did was not buy the services of a sex worker.

What he did was he knowingly engaged in buying a woman he knew was being controlled, and by arresting competitors, and protecting his service, he was engaging in trafficking himself.   Now that I would say is a "trafficker" and not a "john".  Hence why I say Eliot is a trafficker, and not a "john".  

Kristin was not helped to exit the sex industry after the arrest.  She was later arrested for selling prescriptions - no surprise.   Now if she'd been referred to our program by the court - we could have helped her.  But we didn't get this referral for some reason.  

Why?  I blame the court for her drug arrest because what is she supposed to do on her own after such a high profile arrest for work without some help from a group like ours?  I ask you - who is going to hire Kristin Davis?  She's a beautiful smart talented woman.  She's been exposed in the media as a madam so there goes that career because now every "john" like Eliot is going to not go near her for fear of exposure or being ratted out or seen by a reporter.  So she's out of business as a madam.  

What's she going to do?  Go wait tables?  Get a job as a professor?  I mean come on here - so no surprise she's having to do what a disgraced girl's got to do - sell prescriptions.  Now I ask you did Eliot realize this was going to be a problem for her and offer to help her find a legit job for herself when this scandal hit?  I didn't see her working at Fox when he got a new job there did you?   Did he make sure she got our number?

No because he didn't care a damn.  Now when I saw he was apologizing to his wife, the public, his friends, the voters, but wasn't apologizing to Ashley for what he did, nor Kristin, and he was refusing calls from our program to talk about these "apologies" I knew he wasn't done.  

But I want you to note Kristin Davis was he one who was paraded around the media as the "madam" or "trafficker".  The couple however who owned the service were different.   So he was also engaging in further protection of himself by throwing her in front of the media as much as possible to try and protect himself with no thought for how she was going to move on with her life.   Another indication to me of the absolute lack of any compassion for the women he deems "fallen" women or women he sees within the sex industry. 

No in fact after he lost his position, I'm sure there was now even more anger.  Then we heard about this -    

Now I assure you this woman was not going to call the National Trafficking Hotline for help.  Why?  She's not going to identify as a "trafficking victim" for one thing.  

But if she had looked in the directory - let's take a look at who they would have told her to call for help in NY.,NY, United States (New York)

Asian American Legal Fund?  No.

Catholic Charities?  No.

Center for Youth?  No.

Child Advocacy?  No.

Justice Center?  He hadn't assaulted her yet when she was getting tense and feeling scared.  No.

I mean I'm scrolling down the list here knowing how she feels before he blew and when she was trying to figure out what to do about it - and I can see why she'd be thinking "okay I need to just leave the country to get away from this guy".  I mean he wasn't arrested the first time.  What's going to happen to him?  Nothing?  Would anyone on that list help her arrest him?  I highly doubt it.  

I don't see our program's name by the way in the NY directory.  Sex Workers Anonymous - for anyone who for any reason wants help to leave any part of the sex industry and find recovery.   Our hotline is not connected with law enforcement in any way and is answered by someone in recovery.  Got it.  Perfect.  We're not listed in NY although our hotline is international and does cover NY.   We have a huge number of members in NY and a few chapters.  We have one in New York, Buffalo, and in PA and NJ as well if she wanted to get the hell out of Dodge.  But we aren't listed with the directory for NY if she had checked.  

Would we have been able to help her leave the situation?   We offered to help Jeane Palfey leave when she was going through her trial but she wanted to get those names exposed to prove SHE was a trafficking victim.  


Yes.  Trafficking victim is the term for someone forced.  She said she wanted to leave the sex industry but she kept getting someone from the CIA who would come by every six months and tell her what they wanted her to do, and pump her for information.  Sounds crazy huh?  Read what I just wrote about about Eliot's case and tell me that sounds crazy.  We've just determined he was involved in that whole web there of blackmail, political manipulation, etc.  

So you think they wouldn't use Jeane to set people up, or pump someone for information, or even extort money or a favor?  Think again.  Jeane was just as much of a trafficking victim as Ashley, myself, or any woman standing on a corner with a pimp threatening to kill the shit out of her.  It's just different forms of control.  

I have said no one followed me around with a gun pointed at me.  But the traffickers in my life knew where I lived, where I walked my dog, what car I drove, where I shopped, who my regulars and friends were, where my mom and grandmother lived - and I saw what they did to people who didn't cooperate. Yes I was terrified to not do what these people wanted and I knew if I didn't answer the phone I would join the pile of women found in an alley somewhere the victim of a serial killer that the police wouldn't even investigate as they did with the victims of the "Grim Reaper".  

I might disappear on a plane to Saudi Arabia or to Brunai or China or any other place these CIA Iran Contra guys made women disappear to on their diplomat planes.   So even though I drove a Mercedes 250 SL and lived in Tarzana just a few feet away from Michael Jackson's house - yes I was a trafficking victim.  

Which is why I created our hotline for ANY type of victim to call for help - including women like me and women like  Now I don't know the woman and if she called I'd never admit it anyway - but I know how she felt.  She thought the only way away from this guy was to leave the country.  

I mean what's she going to do?  Go to the Salvation Army or Catholic Charities?  You think Eliot doesn't know how to find every shelter on that list in two seconds behind who he is?  Then what?  He calls up a local cop friend and sends him out to tell the shelter she's "needed for questioning".  The cop shows up at the shelter and what's the Salvation Army going to do?  Say no I'm not going to let you walk out of here with her?

First of all, if we took her in, they'd never find her.  Nothing would be in her name.  Her phone would go into a trash can.  She'd have to not go anywhere his private detective or cops friends could find her.  Not easy but that's what has to be done when she's scared.

What would she be scared of?  Hmm.  Considering Charlie is threatening his ex who was a porn former the clip says that he saw when he knew he was infected with HIV - yes I'd be scared hearing that news. 

Is that restraining order going to help her if a hired assassin is coming after her?

Jeane Palfrey had a man following her all day.  She called me about it and told me she was going to go hide out at her mother's house for the night, and call a press conference in the morning.  

Now understand, I had offered Jeane to be able to go stay with another member of SWA no one knew where they lived.  She could have gone to a motel.  But Jeane, loving soul, was worried about her 90 something year old mother being alone if something was wrong and went mostly to keep an eye on her mom is what she said to be on the phone which I can say now she's deceased without breaking confidence.

Now I ask you - is this the kind of thing being offered in the way of training to people in the trafficking field right now?  Are they teaching what do you do when you have Charlie Sheen ordering hits on you or Eliot Spitzer trying to stop you from refusing him?  Are they teaching how to arrest someone like Charlie Sheen or Eliot Spitzer?  That this woman Eliot was abusing is a trafficking victim?  Not generally from what we see of the trainings.  

Since Robin Few died, I don't trust the current leadership of SWOP who their Seattle chapter claims she's an expert in telling who is "coerced" and who isn't by looking at a list of names on ads -   So they're not teaching what trafficking is and is not because they're insisting it doesn't exist at all right now.

Now let me ask you - if Eliot was trying to not be charged with trafficking don't you think he might consider slipping another hooker some money to say that his victim, like the one he's accused of assaulting, was "not being coerced" to cover his ass?  

I don't see SWOP saying ANYONE is being coerced right now so I don't trust them right now at all. Because I'm sure my girlfriends in the biz thought I wasn't being "coerced" also.  Not like I admitted it to anyone.   Oh hell no I was a proud sex worker and member of COYOTE in my day.  Who walks around admitting they've scared and have no way out?  You don't.  It's called DENIAL.  Meaning I didn't acknowledge my own form of fear until I'd been out of the business, and clean, for a while.  Just as a drunk sitting on a bar stool won't admit he's an alcoholic.  Sometimes not until a few meetings of AA are under his belt even!  Meaning are these classes teaching how to break through our denials?  Not from what I'm seeing of the trainings.  

Now does this type of training acknowlege this type of trafficking and how to help women like this?  That one doesn't.  I don't see anything in there about what to do when your person you're afraid of is a Charlie Sheen or Eliot Spitzer.  Could be wrong.

Here's a picture of a woman the "No Such Thing" wants you to think of as a "trafficking victim".

Now here is the woman Eliot was forcing to see him which is trafficking.  Being forced into prostitution is trafficking in any form.  

By the way, where are the "end demand" people who are out there arresting "johns" as "traffickers"?  If Stuart Dunnings can be arrested on trafficking charges for coercing prostitutes into seeing him, then it's only fair Eliot get slapped on the cuffs too here guys.  I don't think I heard anything about him actually assaulting anyone and terrifying them so badly they're trying to leave the country to get away from him as here.  

How much longer does Eliot have to go around acting like this towards women?

Well as long as the trainings aren't teaching what to do with someone like him - it's going to continue isn't it?  Just as it has for years now already.